Feat Still Selected When Switching From Versatile Heritage, Also Not Obeying Level Restrictions

On my Human Aasimar fighter, I first selected Celestial Eyes as my ancestry feat. After changing my mind, I went and changed my heritage to Versatile Training so I could grab Fleet instead. However, my first level Ancestry Feat was still “selected” in the background - I had to switch back to Aasimar, unselect it, then switch again to Versatile Training.

Additionally, with these feats that grant me bonus feats, they don’t seem to make me adhere to level restrictions (Versatile Training) or even class restrictions (Natural Ambition, the best of feats, allows me to apparently select a feat from any class, at any level, and from any source). The traits are also not displaying on these feats (at least at any zoom I’m using), and those are pretty important for e.g. Fighter. I tried to filter by them (Press, in my case) and nothing seemed to change. I love Natural Ambition but that’s probably a bit overpowered :wink:

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This is still happening.

Thanks, we’re still looking into this

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