Feature Idea: Custom Dice, Sets, and API thoughts

Dice are important to most games and can be very important to players. Some people, like me, spend quite a bit of money on their physical dice and enjoy them, just like their books. I like the option to buy bundles in the Vampire series, where you get the physical and Demiplane book. This plus a few other things got me thinking and wondered if you all had considered doing this with dice? You could work with a reputable vendor and sell custom dice and have high resolution versions of those dice as well on your site for using during rolls.

Now this is even further and would take work, but it’s also an idea. If you created an API for integration with other VTT platforms that have dice and could work with one or two (I’m partial to Talespire) to sync dice rolls with information from the character sheet and your custom dice, I think that would be a massive selling point that I don’t know if anyone else has?

We already plan to add digital dice down the line, and as we shared on this morning’s Dev Update, integrations with things like VTTs are on our priority list for 2024.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, as they help us think about what’s important when building out those features in the future. :slight_smile:

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