Feature request: Nexus Search with Filters

Not sure if I have missed somewhere I can do this already, but using search to find something is a nightmare. I refer specifically to VTM Nexus though this would apply to any and all of them.

The search tool needs a bit of an overhaul really because it is pretty basic.
Some features that I feel should be standard:

  • Filters - the ability to filter the results further after searching. eg. By tag (paragraph or chapter tags?), by source, there would have to be plenty of fodder for this surely?
  • Number of results per page - the ability to adjust this. The default seems to be 6?
  • Level of detail on the results page.
  • Hide/show icon, kind of goes hand in hand with the level of detail and number of results.
    The above is really a minimum, being able to do a fuzzy search, search by context or filter by context would be very helpful as well.

Please feel free to point me in the right direction if I have simply overlooked this somewhere, currently trying to wade through 23 pages of results as a minimum when trying to clarify a rule is not great.

Search is currently implemented as an Early Access starting point - we are very aware it is not where it needs to be, and we’ll devote cycles to getting it there once we have character tools where they need to be.