Feature request: Nexus Search with Filters

Not sure if I have missed somewhere I can do this already, but using search to find something is a nightmare. I refer specifically to VTM Nexus though this would apply to any and all of them.

The search tool needs a bit of an overhaul really because it is pretty basic.
Some features that I feel should be standard:

  • Filters - the ability to filter the results further after searching. eg. By tag (paragraph or chapter tags?), by source, there would have to be plenty of fodder for this surely?
  • Number of results per page - the ability to adjust this. The default seems to be 6?
  • Level of detail on the results page.
  • Hide/show icon, kind of goes hand in hand with the level of detail and number of results.
    The above is really a minimum, being able to do a fuzzy search, search by context or filter by context would be very helpful as well.

Please feel free to point me in the right direction if I have simply overlooked this somewhere, currently trying to wade through 23 pages of results as a minimum when trying to clarify a rule is not great.

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Search is currently implemented as an Early Access starting point - we are very aware it is not where it needs to be, and we’ll devote cycles to getting it there once we have character tools where they need to be.



Just for clarity, when you say “where they need to be” does that mean once the character sheets for 5e, ALIEN RPG, Hunter & Werewolf are released? Or are you more meaning that once you have the backend tools a little more streamlined, which I imagine would probably be closer to the release of VTM and Marvel character tools?
No I’m not trying to get a timeframe on it, I know you can’t give me dates, I’m just trying to get a feel for what the priority is for it.

Search is not where it needs to be from a functionality / feature standpoint - I’m not referring to any sequencing or timing with that part of the statement.

I’m just saying we know it needs to be better…and it will be!

But in a general sense, we’ll be able to spend some focus on working on search before the end of the year. That doesn’t mean we’ll get all the way where we want to be with it by then, but we’ll be starting the effort by then.