Feature Request: Tech Reliance Toggle

Hi there!

I’d love to know if you have something like the below on your roadmap. If not, could you consider…

A toggle, somewhere on a profile page for characters that have “Tech Reliance”, that would allow you to switch the powers associated with that tech off and on.

Use case: Magneto loses his helmet. Flip Tech Reliance “off” and “Uncanny 2” gets greyed out on his profile and he loses his Focus Damage Reduction. He puts the helmet back on, you flip the switch back on, and he gets his Focus Damage Reduction back.

When building a character, you’d also need a way to tag a particular power as tied to tech reliance.

One challenge could be that for most characters, the powers that are tied to the tech reliance are not explicitly stated. But that’s some ambiguity that would really benefit from the clarity this feature would bring.


Great suggestion! I’ll get it logged with the team. Thanks Fuzzy!