Feature request: VTM Relationship Map / Coterie Sheet / My Group Improvements

Is there any plans to add a tool for making relationship maps in the adventure tools?

Are there plans to implement a Coterie sheet? (Similar to a character sheet but for the group not an individual character).

Are there other tools planned for the future? I am thinking GM specific tools like:

  • Create NPCs (both simple and complex)
  • Notes for the setting that can have privacy/sharing changed for the players to gain access to as it becomes relevant (could modify the Journal for this?)
  • Tasks as they are is pretty basic, they need to have more than just a title. The ability the ability to specify that the task is for some players to complete it and not others or whole group (with the ability to tick it off as appropriate), sharing/hiding to specific players or whole group, notes for the task, ability to add images to the task.
  • Player created Tasks - GM to be able to enable/disable, preferably on a player by player basis with all of the above controls and functions.
  • Journal Entries seem to be very limited currently, how do I add more notes? Are there more plans to expand this functionality?
  • Other campaign type tools for GMs running campaigns.

Is the intention to include these type of campaign tools in the future? If so where on the roadmap does it sit currently?

Currently the adventure tools / My Group tools have very limited use, for in-person games especially. I’m trying to find better ways to utilise them and am open to suggestions but the above I think would definitely improve things, as well as improving the search functionality as per my other post.

Apologies for the 2 separate posts, I hope it’s ok. I feel they are 2 separate subjects and so should be separate posts.


Yes on both of these.

Yes on most all of these (the functionality you reference will be there, if not in a feature named exactly what you have).

We are focused on delivering the best character experience possible right now, with a homebrew system being the next “big rock.”

Features that require group connectivity (as many of the above would), is on what I’ll call the “mid-term” roadmap, since it’s a fairly large spread of things on the list you’ve put together. We won’t share time frames at this point, but we expect the work to start on these types of things by next year.

The primary use case for the adventure tools as they are today is matchmaking and finding groups and players. Once we overhaul “groups,” the experience of forming them will be the thread that unifies characters, coteries, relationships, etc. across the full experience.

Thanks for posting!


Thanks for the response BadEye, love your work!