Feature Suggestion: Ability to Plan Out Character Choices for Future Levels Before Leveling Up

So it kind of looks like this might already be something you’re considering, as when I’m on the Class page of the builder I can see a table that goes from level 1 to level 20. I currently have my character set to level 1, but I would like to be able to expand the sections from level 2 to 20 to make character choices ahead of time. I don’t typically build like this as I kind of like to see where the game takes me, but occasionally I have a character’s concept very clearly in my mind and plan them out from start to finish. From a gameplay perspective, this would be a useful feature to have if there’s a possibility of a mid-session level-up, as you can let the players know they’ll be leveling soon and to fill out their next level’s choices so they can just increase the level and jump right back into the game with all their new options already populated on the sheet.
It might already be possible to do this and I’m just doing it wrong, but as far as I can tell I’m unable to fill out those options without leveling up the character.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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