Feedback Contribution

It’s a little difficult in some cases to figure out what is a design oversight and what is just not implemented yet so forgive me if some of this is just not useful quite yet or something you all are aware of already. All of the below is criticism (in the spirit of being helpful) so I just wanted to also let you know that I REALLY like what I see so far. It’s good. Really.

I’ll try and update this list as I notice more things.

Visual Styling

  • Some headings and graphics while pretty and I love them, could possibly be made a tad smaller to make more efficient use of available screen real estate. Column widths here and there could made a little slimmer as well.


  • Deep linking to related articles appears not to be fully implemented yet but worth noting that there is a ton of potential here to make things amazing. I would recommend some type of pop up or roll-ever rather than taking people off the character builder to do this.

  • It’s really slow. To the point of it not being usable in a game session. However, I’m sure that’s just temporary.

*Skinny character sheet- Would be cool if there was a mini character sheet available where a GM could keep basic info about all characters in the party on one screen for at a glance reference. Saving throws, key skills, AC. and so on

*Scrolling on the character sheet appears to get "stuck’ where you cannot scroll down far enough all the time to reveal all the content on the page.

  • Especially for new players who don’t know what “sneak-attack” is. Just a quick description of class features, feats etc would be good. All rogues get certain class features at different level regardless of build and so far you’ve not elected to have any information pop up to describe the class feature in question. This makes for a confusing UI because the other items in the list are ones you can click on to make decisions about your build. I would assume you have this in the plan already to address…but maybe not?

  • Tabbing to a new page using the page tabs at the bottom of a drawer does not appear to work so if there are more items than will fit in a given page of the drawer there is no way to see the rest of the items.

  • Searches and filters are not very powerful or intuitive. This is an issue with searching for content in other parts of the Nexus as well. I’d love to see you guys really beef up the sophistication of your search tools.

  • It would be nice if this tool could be a little more friendly to building important NPCs. From a GM perspective it’s a little confusing as to how I get people to make characters “in my campaign”


  • It’s a little clunky to navigate back to a list of characters you’ve created or may have been created in your campaign. I’d like to be able to refer to my players updated character sheets at any given time and perform secret perception checks and what not.

•When a character has been “built” the default view ought to be the character sheet rather than the character builder interface.

Feature Requests
*I know you’ve mentioned elsewhere that you have plans for a VTT export API. Can’t wait for that.

*If I were to create a special companion or henchmen it would be cool if I could then “assign” it to a player in my campaign. Same with items. Similar to how one might do it in Foundry.

Thanks for the feedback! There are certainly some things in here that we’re already aware of and working on, but we appreciate it nonetheless! :slight_smile: