Feedback dump

  • There is no controlled feedback reporting system. Random forum posts will be a nightmare for your team to parse.

Character editing

  • Long loading times when clicking between sections
  • There is a significant amount of scrolling up and down while making a character, especially when boosting intelligence. (see long loading times to increase this issue)
    • This is extremely apparent with humans constantly back and forth when selecting skills and skill feat in ancestry, background and class.
  • “To Character Sheet” does not look like a button and took some time to find

Character sheet

  • Long loading times
  • No proficiencies - so I have no idea what weapons or armour I should use
  • No details on numbers - so I have no idea what is causing a lower number than I am expecting (eg. untrained in a weapon which isn’t show anywhere)
  • No way to save custom views for Actions & Activities - Clicking the gear gives display toggles, but there’s no way to save the selection.
  • Clicking “Add Item” in the Equipment tab just pops up the previous description window (instead of the intended search area)
    • On further clicking, the description area is just stuck and clicking on anything brings up the last information where it got stuck (in this case, details about the Acrobatics skill)
  • In the Saving Throws section there is cut off text that says “You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to find trap…” - This information isn’t relevant to saving throws and is also cut off which makes is useless
  • As above, there is cut off text in the Perception section “You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to…” - Possibly relevant, but cut off, so useless

Thanks for taking time to share your feedback and welcome to the forums!

I’ll share a couple of update posts that describe several key points about our current stage (including where we are regarding the performance). The short story if you don’t want to read them is we haven’t optimized anything with load times or performance, so we are very aware that is not where it will be once we start addressing it.

Welcome post: The Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Closed Alpha Has Begun! - #10
Day one supplemental post: Update Notes 12/9/2022 - One Day Later - #8

Thanks for looking out for us, but we’ll be okay on this!

In my last seven years of parsing digital toolset feedback, forum posts were the most effective (for a variety of reasons) and worked very well for us (even when we got hundreds of thousands of them). So far, they have been golden and no nightmares have been detected. If that changes, we’ll be sure to provide alternate feedback collection methods.

We’ll take note of the rest of your feedback points and review them with the rest of the alpha feedback. Keep an eye out for updates to the performance soon (we’ll possibly see some gains in tomorrow’s update, which will be the final release before our holiday break).

Thanks again!

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