The Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Closed Alpha Has Begun!

I do have one request…
Having an option to denote whether a character is a PFS character or not. And if chosen as PFS, having a, the <item/feat/whatever> you have chosen is not PFS legal, do you wish to continue in it’s acquisition with an option to annotate where you acquired it from. What I hated about another tool, is if you select something you earned off a chronicle sheet or purchased with points, that it is always red and stating not valid (and then trying to find some option to render it valid in some customization spot and trying to decipher it).

Pathfinder Society support is on the list - we’ll share more as we get closer to it.


hi, sorry if i sound ungrateful but i can’'t currently fill out the form for inviting my friends and i have some people who would greatly like to use it, is there any way i can get access to that so i can have them in on the alpha?

Can you message me your email address associated with your Demiplane account so I can look into this? :slight_smile:

you want the email address on here or somewhere else?

edit: figured that one out, sorry.

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Happy Holidays!
Thanks for attempting to provide a digital toolset for pf2e and congrats on the milestone.

I just wanted to inform you that the sign up link currently responds with a 301 Response Header, redirecting to, which in turn responds with a 307 and redirecting to

So right now I can’t even attempt to sign up so i wanted to ask if that is intentional, or if I assume correctly and some redirect doesn’t work as intented.

anyway looking forward to trying out the character tools when i get a chance to sign up :wink:

Wow you work fast !

The link now works again with a 200 Response Header and I was able to sign up :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi there, general question here as I’m really excited to use this tool! In the future, will all the character creation content besides the Primer be locked behind a paywall? I’m sure as you guys know (since you have it on the site already), the rules (classes, feats, ancestries etc) are part of the OGL and all available in other character builders or VTT’s such as Foundry VTT or Pathbuilder (for free/one time purchase for ALL the OGL content). I much prefer the look and interface of Pathfinder Nexus though, so my fingers are crossed I’ll be able to use it the same way as the others. Even if it was included in the subscription I think it would be worth it! Thanks!

I have a lot… I mean a lot of the purchased digital books from It would be great if they are available for us to access when making characters on here. Just like on

Hello, and thanks for posting! Here’s a breakdown that I shared a few months back in a Dev Update stream:

Pathfinder NEXUS will have three core features when it is fully launched - the Game Compendium, Digital Reader, and Character Builder / Digital Sheet:

We are following the pricing model for all of the official Paizo partners out there - game mechanics are freely-accessible (which would be all the content in the Game Compendium), with the book content itself in digital format (the Digital Reader) and the character tools (Builder / Sheet) requiring a purchase to unlock the content for use on the platform.

Having said that, we have some other factors at play that will make that easier when it comes to the upcoming character tools:

  • Demiplane Members can use content sharing with up to 24 other accounts. This means that for any content you own as a member, once you share with your group(s), they can use that content in the Digital Reader and Character Builder / Digital Sheet as if they owned it themselves. This is intended to virtually replicate the concept of passing a book around a table with your friends.
  • We have the Pathfinder Primer that includes four classes and multiple ancestries, backgrounds, feats, items, spells, and more that is entirely free. So any player can use any content in the Pathfinder Primer in the Digital Reader and Character Builder / Digital Sheet without a purchase or membership.

Players will be able to create characters and play without needing to unlock anything, but groups also have flexibility to unlock more options if they desire to do so for play.

If you own a lot of PDFs from, you’ll get a deep discount on purchasing anything on Pathfinder NEXUS that you already own through something called Paizo Connect. If you connect your Demiplane account to your account (from the top right Account portrait menu > Account Settings > Sync Accounts > Paizo Connect menu trail), any PDFs you own through the Paizo store will adjust the price of the Demiplane NEXUS version. For a $29.99 digital book, that typically comes out to reducing the price to $19.99.

Additionally, through Paizo Connect, all purchases of digital books on Pathfinder NEXUS (i.e. if you buy it here first) will add the PDF to your account on


You’ll get a deep discount on purchasing anything on Pathfinder NEXUS that you already own

For a $29.99 digital book, that typically comes out to reducing the price to $19.99

I think some serious discussions need to be had about this pricing model (perhaps with Paizo). I audibly laughed out loud when I read this. It’s… not going to work. I’ve talked to quite a few people about this, and have yet to find anyone who would pay that much for books they already own.

I figured the pricing would be changed by release, but if that’s still the model you’re still going with, you’re going to be disappointed by the community’s reaction for sure.

Thanks for the feedback and for posting. We have worked to get prices as low as we can with the realities of our licensing agreement, and we believe the Paizo Connect discount (and how a purchase on Demiplane unlocks the PDF on is a compelling offer that many fans are already taking advantage of to onboard onto Pathfinder NEXUS. We also know that the value of what we’re making will continue to grow as we complete development on key aspects like the character builder, digital sheet, and future tools on the roadmap.

Thanks again!

hi team,

I’m excited for this new tool! and it will get my Players into Pathfinder 2 :slight_smile:

One little idea/request,
when you add characters to a campaign, and all the players can see the other player characters.

is it possible to add a function, that only the Name/Picture/Ancestrie is shown for the Players ?

Sometimes my players not always wants to show all cards at the beginning :slight_smile:


a compelling offer that many fans are already taking advantage of to onboard onto Pathfinder NEXUS

I wish you the best with this (truly) and hope people are willing to pay that much. I also want to be realistic about the concerns I’ve heard time and time again about this, and wanted to pass them on. Apologies if I came off as overly forward yesterday- I just re-read my message and I think I had too much coffee (I sounded like an ass).

I’m sure your team is all over it, but maybe look into offering a “welcome bundle” that includes the CRB, APG, and GMG/whatever else? I mention this because I really want to see Demiplane succeed and to advocate for you, but I’ve yet to talk to anyone who already owns the books and is willing to get over the $20/book cost entry point. And that is your core base you’ll need most in these early stages.

Maybe the new wave of players who don’t own any digital content will be drawn to the fact that the PDF unlocks on Paizo as well. I just don’t know of many folks who fit that category and it feels like a longshot. You all probably have the numbers to back it up and I’m probably just some idiot posting on the internet, but if your plan is to primarily cater to new players, that is going to come with it’s own unique challenges, especially if veterans aren’t making the transition and aren’t familiar with how Nexus works. Longtime players are equally important because they’ll be the ones recommending VTTs on the forums/reddit/youtube. Definitely make it a priority to get influencers on your side if your strategy is to target new players- that will go a long way.

That all said, just had the chance to play with the character maker today. It’s slick!

  • Solid design work and the UI is impressive- excited to see how it evolves. UI is going to be everything in the PF2 space. Whoever can make the easiest tool to use (and get the word out) will be the most successful, full stop.

  • A little laggy, but I’m sure that can be chalked up to it being in alpha.

  • Loved the dropdown menus, especially the dropdown menus in the feats section where you can quickly see each each feat. Best in class I’d say, which is saying something because Foundry does this pretty well also.

  • Love how actions are sorted out and the quick filter options by action length. I would make an option to display feat actions vs. standard actions that are seldom used like “grab an edge”. The toggle ability on an action-by-action basis is great though, and addressed this concern.

  • Kudos to whoever organized the main character sheet. It’s a very clean design in a space where most character sheets are a bit of a mess. I can quickly find the info I need without jumping between tabs or scrolling, and that goes a long way. A lot of other sheets put inconsequential things like heritage/nationality/background at the very top. Personally, I just want the numbers, since that’s what I’m using 95% of the time.

  • The heal/damage button is an elegant solution to adjusting HP. Haven’t seen that done before but I very much like the concept. The full heal button is very useful for this system.

  • The saving throws and ability score titles need centered. They’re too close to the edge of the boxes

  • Conditions/resistances toggle is great. Maybe consider having a way to remove a condition by hovering over it and clicking or something so you don’t need to re-open the conditions. Also having the options to list duration on the conditions would be useful (1 turn, 1 hr, ect).

  • I’m sure all the images for items and such is a lot of work to put in, but it paid off. Really gives everything the pop that it needs to feel unique and cool as opposed to just a blob of text.

Can’t wait to see what’s next! I’ll be rooting for you all.


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve got some ground to cover before we’ll be in a place to explore how characters appear within groups, but we’ll explore all of our options on that front for sure. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that positive feedback! We’re very proud of the tools we’ve built, even as we continue to build them.

I won’t step into your conversation with BadEye as I haven’t been involved thus far, but I do want to say thank you for the thoughtful conversation. It’s clear that you care about the game and the community, and it’s encouraging to see. :slight_smile:

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I can second the concerns mentioned by deadlyd8, as I’ve also spoken to some PF2E DMs and players. You guys provide hands down the best interface for PF2E information! Seriously, be proud of this cause it’s awesome and very intuitive. This is where I send my PC’s to look up information on their class etc, and all of them mention how nice and easy it is. I primarily intended to use the character builder as a way for my PC’s to experiment with different builds without having to login to my Foundry Server or Pathbuilder(yucky interface). That being said, having to rebuy the books, even at a discounted rate, just to provide my characters a better interface to build their PC’s is likely out of the question for myself and the other DM’s I know.

On the flip side, I would 100% be willing to pay a subscription fee to have a better character builder (yours!) that provides all the options that are already freely available to look at on your website. Seems strange that the plan is to be able to look at all the classes/feats/ancestries, but you are unable to use 90% of them in the character builder unless you buy the books.

That being said, I really hope you guys continue to develop the website, because as I said, it’s the best looking PF2E site bar none! I love the character builder so far and can’t wait to see what you guys do with it in the future! Thanks for listening to my rant! <3

Hey! Is there an estimate on where it may be released to public? Later this year, next year, anything? Thank you!

While we typically don’t share dates for in-progress development, I can confirm that the public Open Beta target is the first half of this year - so a few months, definitely not many months or years.