Feedback for Demiplane Pathfinder Nexus Character Tools (Rarity, Export, MAP)

Hey Demiplane team and fellow adventurers,

I’ve been considering buying into the Pathfinder Nexus ecosystem, which have impressed me with their utility so far. Before I fully commit, however, there are three enhancements I believe would significantly improve the user experience and overall functionality of the platform:

  1. Inclusion of Rarity in Dropdown Menus: This is particularly pertinent for character options like Heritage, Background, Feats, Class, and more. It’s an invaluable addition that would allow players to easily conform to GM-given guidelines without needing to separately verify the rarity of their choices. In essence, this change would streamline character creation, reducing friction and facilitating a smoother process.

  2. VTT Integration via API/JSON Export: A crucial feature I’m hoping to see is the ability to export our character sheets to Virtual Tabletop platforms, notably Foundry. Without this, many of us are left to duplicate work by reconstructing character sheets in our chosen VTTs, which contradicts the time-saving purpose of the tool. This would be a powerful addition for a more seamless gaming experience.

  3. Enhanced Display of Multiple Attack Penalty: The current configuration of this feature isn’t as user-friendly as it could be. My suggestion is to lay out all the penalties in a single, easily viewed row rather than hiding them within dropdown menus. Alternatively, providing an option to display them all at once would be beneficial, as this would enhance accessibility and aid players in making more informed decisions during combat.

I believe these additions would elevate the Pathfinder Nexus Character Tools, bringing them more in line with the needs of the community. I’d be more than willing to commit to the platform if these enhancements were in the pipeline. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and I appreciate the ongoing work the team puts into improving the tool.


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Hello and thanks for posting.

I can confirm that the three things you listed are on our list, although we aren’t going to give any timelines at this time since we are working through a comprehensive feedback list from the alpha and what is now coming in from the beta.

We’ll share updates as we have them in update notes here in the forums.


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Hey BadEye,

Thanks for the quick response. Glad to hear these features are on your radar! I totally get the lack of a timeline on some things given the work you’re doing with feedback from both the alpha and beta. Looking forward to seeing the progress and I’ll be keeping an eye on those update notes.

Keep up the good work!