Fighter's Combat Flexibility Class Feature Should Not Make you Choose the Feats it Grants You in the Character Builder

The text of the Fighter’s Combat Flexibility feat reads, “You can prepare your tactics to suit different situations. When you make your daily preparations, you gain one fighter feat of 8th level or lower that you meet the prerequisites for and don’t already have. You can use that feat until your next daily preparations.”
Currently, in the character builder you have to choose the feat you gain from Combat Flexibility as a part of leveling up. While I can understand having this be part of the builder to make your initial choice, this is a feat that you can change every day. In my opinion you should not have to go into the character builder every time you want to change this feat, just as you wouldn’t need to do this for a spellcaster to prepare a different spell. This should be changable from the character sheet.
The Improved Flexibility class feature at level 15 also has this problem, though it has an additional oddity that needs to be corrected. In the character there is a listing for “Improved Flexibility” and a listing for “Improved Flexibility - Select Feat.” I’ve seen this elsewhere in the builder and it’s not odd in and ove itself, but by the listing that simply reads “Improved Flexibility,” there is an indicator that shows 0/1 which indicates that there is a choice that needs to be made there. When you click it though it only expands the description for Improved Flexibility. so in the case of this class feature you still have to lock in your feat choice in the character builder under the “Improved Flexibility - Select Feat” listing, but it also causes a choice at level 15 that you can’t make meaning the builder always shows you that you’re missing something at level 15.

Thanks so much for the feedback and report!

I’ll make sure Combat Flexibility is on our list for future improvements, and I’ll dig into what’s happening with Improved Flexibility.