Filter for Skills/Feats not working

When in Character Creation, if I select Human as a Race I cannot use the Filter on Ancestry Feats, or any Feats or Skills. Using Edge browser, no ad/popup blocker enabled. It just doesn’t work.

It would be great to not show feats I do not have unlocked for example, or change the sort order (what IS the sort order anyway!?)

Thanks for the feedback. I believe we’ve shared this elsewhere in the past, but if not, we haven’t introduced feat filtering yet. We’re in the process of working through feats to make sure that everything is connected correctly behind the scenes, and once that’s done, we’ll turn our focus to filtering.

Currently, it’s sorted in alphabetical order, and in places where feats of multiple levels are available, it’s sorted highest to lowest (ie. all 2nd level options in alphabetical order, then all 1st level options in alphabetical order).

The filter button doesn’t do anything there yet, but it will once we’re ready to introduce filtering options. :slight_smile: