Firefox Support

Hey, I haven’t heard anything about this in a while. I know Firefox support was beginning to be implemented a while ago. I was wondering, was that completed?

We have done some work to improve character tools performance across all browsers. With the refactor release, you should be able to use the Pathfinder character tools in Firefox, but as I’m sure you know, each browser has its own quirks, so if you notice any oddities, let us know!

Alright I took it for a test drive. It looks like firefox is working, but from an accessibility standpoint I can’t use it. When I click to add a feat or other ability in the character builder, The pop-up for the list of feats is completely inaccessible with my screen reader. In fact, once it pops up my screen reader suddenly seems to think the whole browser window is blank. This only seems to be an issue in Firefox though. It’s perfectly usable in chrome-based browsers. For reference to other very comprehensive character builders, DND Beyond also has an issue where the pop-ups to add things in the builder make the screen reader think the browser window is blank, but it’s an issue in all browsers. They might have fixed it but if not it’s been like that for years. Anyway, ramble aside, I do prefer Firefox but frankly I’m thrilled that I can use it at all. So I hope you’re able to fix Firefox at some point but it’s definitely not a priority for me because I can use it in Chrome.

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Thanks for letting us know! I’ll pass that along to the team. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth. I have exclusively been using Firefox and haven’t noticed anything completely breaking the usability yet.

But now that I see this thread it does make me think that there have been some frustrations I’ve been writing off as “still working bugs out in beta” that might be due to my browser so I’ll be paying attention to that much closer.

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