First Character built-Feedback

Forgive me if these have been resolved. This is the feedback I received from one of my players creating their first character on here.

Skill page in particular is buggy ie: When leveling skills in the system it starts at Expert, and then changes to Trained after a save + refresh or a changing to character sheet view and back. With that, when untraining while that bug is active, it considers each separate tier to be its own skill, so you’ll usually have to untrain everything and start over if you decide you want to be trained in something other than what you picked, even if you only wish to swap one skill.

I had thought the character was compleb but when I went to look at it after a small 20 minute break it disappeared altogether, so I had to start again.

But overall I do like how it is laid out, however some small gripes that aren’t bugs and easily fixed with opening the book, but: no dedicated spell selection in the class creation/editor is confusing, having to instead go to the character sheet itself and pick from there.

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Thanks for sharing! And I’m sorry to hear that your character sheet disappeared. Please let us know if you encounter that again, so we can try and identify what might be causing that.

The good news is that we’re looking into the skill selection issues that you’ve mentioned here already.

The intention behind selecting spells as it currently stands is to let you manage all of your spells in one place, as opposed to splitting it up in the builder based on where you get spellcasting options from (ie. heritage, class, and eventually multi-classing). However, that’s good feedback for us to consider as we progress in the beta.

Another question, where do I go to see the Eidolon stats as they advance?

Eidolons aren’t yet supported, but that is absolutely planned as we continue development throughout the beta!

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