First impression plus feedback

So I would like to be able to have the ability to roll my starting stats or enter them manually, I sometimes like to roll my own stats irl as some dms prefer it that way. I was having a hard time getting to add my own custom image for my character. I also would love to see a mobile or tablet app for this because it will save on time incase you forget a book or character sheet, I also wouldn’t need to carry around heavy books. The lay out is easy to read and understand, especially me being fairly new to pathfinder as a whole this character creation is easy on my eyes and is very user friendly. Hopefully in the future there will be an option to make homebrew races, classes, etc. as that will give players more freedom on their adventures. Def looking forward to a full release of this.

Thank you for sharing! There’s a lot we’re still looking to add, but I can confirm that homebrew content is on the roadmap! :slight_smile:

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