First impressions and feedback

First runthrough with the character tools was mostly intuitive. Took me a while to copy a character into it, but eventually it all worked out and now that I learned the process, wouldn’t take much time to make new characters.

Some observations, and yes I realize stuff is being developed but bug feedback helps the dev cycle:

  1. General web interface seems overloaded, but expected at this time.
  2. ancestry to background does not have a “Save and continue” button
  3. if you switch backgrounds after specifying boosts, and the new background doesn’t have that boost available it’s greyed out till you manually change back to the original background and deselect the boosts there. Expected behavior is that when you select a new background, it would clear out any previous boosts.
  4. Missing rogue feat of “Martial Artist Dedication” from APG
  5. Haunted background is listing WIS and CHA, should be DEX and WIS

Thanks for this feedback! :slight_smile: