First Impressions from PF2E Noob

Just collecting some thoughts from my first run through the tool. As title indicates, have never played a PF2E game in my life, but am very interested in doing so after OGLgate.

  • Ancestry choice is alphabetical in a single group; consider splitting into Available and Locked sections (can be alphabetical within section)
  • Consider adding a mouseover to the ancestry Unlock button to indicate what the source is without clicking through
  • Heritage options are selectable even if the source material is not owned. For example, my dwarf test character shows Aasimar as an option even though I don’t own the APG. In general, consider making these sorts of selection into Available and Locked sections as well.
  • Consider adding a small mouseover text to the action image to remind new players what they mean. It seems like it may take a while for a newbie to remember what all of the icons mean.
  • Consider adding an initial equipment selection page to character creation (this is likely planned but seems like it would help). Include the starting gold vs starting equipment options.
  • Consider adding information about the character’s armor proficiencies to the character sheet. I could not find anywhere to tell me if my Level 1 dwarf fighter is proficient in heavy armor or not.
  • The Equip button does not appear to be functional yet; consider greying it out until the feature is ready. EDIT: This seems to be working for armor at least but very slow; disregard. EDIT 2: Reloading the character sheet doesn’t save any of my equipment additions or equips, so… not sure if this is supposed to be working and buggy, or not yet ready and should be greyed out still.

Some further observations:

  • As was noted in another thread, equipping a longbow as an 18 dex elf fighter (#4263) with elven weapon familiarity does not appear to give the correct to-hit bonus. Shows as +5 in the character sheet instead of +9.
  • When I return to character builder to change some ability choices (want to swap a dex for str to see how that effects the longbow issue) I am unable to make changes to previous selections. When I click on ability boosts, the popup frame only shows the text description of the class. However, if I click to ancestry and then back to class, and try to change abilities again, it works.
  • Now having been able to swap from 10 str/18 dex to 12 str/16 dex, I return to the character sheet… and half of my equipment is missing. I still have a longbow and leather armor, but my rapier and all 30 arrows are missing. Also, the longbow attack bonus is now showing as… +6? Unclear what is happening with attack bonus calculation but it is consistently wrong :joy:

Thanks for sharing this feedback! :slight_smile: