First impressions of the character builder

Ignoring for now the performance issue when loading the character tool, perfectly understandable in this phase of development, I do like the look of the builder despite my misgivings about it being a purely online option (where we play, the phone reception is often terrible and using the WiFi is either chargeable or the free version requires you to sign up to all kinds of marketing stuff). An offline app for mobile devices would be a big, big win, otherwise there’s little reason for people to use this instead of something like the Pathfinder2e app.

I’m approaching the browser based builder as how any of the people in my current game groups would when we try it as a replacement for a certain system whose owners have had a massive OGL shaped brain fart, so I’m not taking any previous knowledge of PF2 for granted.

My main issues with it are its functionality on smaller screen mobile devices; on a Samsung S20 Plus using Chrome, the character sheet is out of kilter, examples being the rest, initiative and refocus area as well as the hit points. People may say this is cosmetic but it needs raising as it makes very difficult reading for people with visual impairments. The sheet looks ok but still cluttered on a on my Samsung A7 tablet (10" screen).
The builder itself behaves differently on my phone and tablet compared to my PC. On hitting the “Begin” button on the preferences section, the PC takes me to the Class section, with its lovely guidance on class selection to the right, my mobile devices take me to the Ancestry section. On the mobile devices, the guidance sections appear to be missing entirely.
I’m not sure if the difference in flow is down to something being cached from previous character generation or editing on my PC.

Something I just found, when searching on the background list, it appears to only search forward; searching for anything from the first page works but if you go to the second page and search for Acolyte or Criminal, there are no returned matches.

QOL thoughts:
Trying to correct a spelling mistake in the name forces you into the creation tool again when perhaps this could be an option on the character sheet.
A light theme or alternatives for visually impaired users is needed, please don’t block a significant section of the community from using what should be an amazing tool for them.
Make the X button for closing sections more obvious, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve used the back button instead and gone completely out of the tool!

Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely aware that there are some rough edges at this stage.

We haven’t spent much time yet on polishing and optimizing character tools for mobile and tablet views yet, as we’re still trying to get the core functionality where we want it to be. That will be our focus a little later down the line, along with performance improvements. Otherwise, you raise some good points that are definitely on our radar, and I expect we’ll be addressing them as we continue to move through the closed alpha on our way to open beta. :slight_smile:

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Aye, I tried to avoid cosmetic issues unless they were affecting function or accessibility; having the mobile/tablet view missing the explanatory texts made me think there’s a rendering issue which may have other implications like missing options or controls.