First time feedback

Created a couple of characters. For context I’m completely new to Pathfinder but well versed with DnD and DnD Beyond.

I like the character builder it’s easy to use and seems intuitive.

Some things I noticed. Mobile view is good. I like the little 4 square icon that changes view. But I’m my iPad when viewing portrait I noticed that the actions don’t show, only the skills. When I flip the iPad to its side it all shows. Also I was wondering if the skills such as cause a distraction should show the action icon - I think this helps players know what they can do and I assume there will be some that are more than one action.

Overall seems like a good start and I’m pretty close to investing properly.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I am able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing with missing actions in portrait view on iPad, I’ll get that up to the team. And I’ll pass along the ask for skill actions to show those action icons!

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