Flight vs. Levatation

Currently running Cataclysm of Kang. I have one two players with Flight 1 and one player with Levitation. Is there a reason there are two powers that let you move through the air, but one lets you move farther per turn?

I did a quick ruling that the players with flight have to either keep moving (continuing to move on their next turn) or land at the end of their turn. So they can move around quickly, but cannot hover. With the character with Levitation being able to remain stationary in the air.

Did I make the right call? Other character from the book that have flight (Ironman, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange) can obviously hover in the air, but how do I rule it for my players? Is Levitation a throw away power because Flight is in the Basic Set while Levitation costs a power to get into Telekinesis?