Flow Issue: Season of Ghosts 1-1 "Sinister Animals"

Another issue WRT conversion of flow from print layout to web layout: The sidebar, “Sinister Animals” should be between the Giant Centipedes stat block and heading “Mase of Mist, Rain of Blood”

Thanks for calling this out! We’ve shifted that sidebar up to put it closer to the encounter. :slight_smile:

Thanks! That’s much better.

A little further down, there are the “first quests”. Each of them shows the map first and then the entry, which is fine I suppose but results in the issue that the link in the navigation on the left jumps below the map rather than to the map. There are a number of trade offs to any decision like putting the maps under the headings for the encounter then separates the header from the body text, but in terms of organization I think it makes more logical sense for the maps to be under the heading they are part of…, or maybe adding a title and navigation link to “Map A1. Xxxx” for example.