Font Sizes?

I’m considering buying the Pathfinder Player Core book. The font size in the printed book is a little too small for me, and too many pages in the PDF from Paizo are not supported by Adobe’s “Reading Mode”, so if you zoom the page it doesn’t automatically wrap lines, and you have to scroll the page horizontally. I tend to read books on my cell phone, so a page displayed in two columns doesn’t suit me well.

Are books (particularly the Pathfinder Player Code) from Demiplane different? Are they more accessible for those of us who need a slightly larger font size? I’d like to zoom as necessary, and have the lines auto-wrap. I think Demiplane is web-based? If so it likely suits my purposes.

Finally, I think it’s a 1-time purchase and not a subscription if I buy a book?

PS: Aging sucks

Hi there!

Yes, Demiplane is web-based and the book pages are zoomable to allow you to set the text-size you prefer. I personally also like a bit of a bigger font size on my computer screen to reduce my eye strain, and use the books at around 110-120% zoom. :smiley:

You can check out the Pathfinder Primer or one of the Adventure Path Player’s Guides if you like, which are all free products. You’ll be able to see how the text works and if it’ll work for your needs. And absolutely let us know any feedback you think could help improve the experience, as well.

And to your last question: Correct! Once you purchase a book, it’s yours on Demiplane. The subscription allows you to share any of your Demiplane books on any NEXUS with up to 24 other users, as well as granting you an unlimited number of character creation slots.

Hope that helps!

Thank you. I filled out my Amazon return, and then purchased the Player Core from your service :slight_smile:

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