Foundry VTT

Are electronic books made through nexus uploadable to Foundry VTT?

We do not currently have an integration built with Foundry, nor is that something on our short-term roadmap. However, unlocking the content on NEXUS allows for community-driven efforts to create that integration (we’re aware of some folks already starting to do that).


In Foundry all contend needs to be selfimplemented.

For all Adventure Paths up to but excluding “Outlaws of …” you can use the original .pdf from Paizo (which you get with a purchase in Nexus) and a community mod to implement the module pretty well.

On from “Outlaws of…” you can buy the complete Foundry Module as a deluxe version from Paizo themselves. These are fully converted and partially enhanced with quality upgrades in maps for VTT play.

Last option is selfimplementing but thats way too much work imho.

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I’d love some connection between Character sheet in Demiplane and Foundry Character sheet. For 5e there were people that made those type of connections between the character on the browser and inside FoundryVTT.


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We are focused on completing the core functionality of the character tools at the moment, but having connections between NEXUS and VTTs like Foundry is certainly planned. We’ll share more details once we get closer to that time.



I’m VERY excited about this. My group uses Foundry as an in-person digital map with minis. Being able to have each person reference their character on a phone or tablet and have their rolls go into Foundry would be amazing.

Looking forward to updates after character generation dialed in.


Echo what was said. I want to do the same as I use Foundry now and am building a Digital Table to use with Minis as well!!

I realize you’re still focused on core character sheets, and that VTT connection is intended. Foundry was mentioned, and I’m very much interested in that, but I’m also interested in things like Alchemy and Roll 20. Well, OK, and FG. Oh, and TaleSpire. Just so they’re on your radar.

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Each of us will have our top picks. Mine are Foundry VTT and Alchemy RPG. I agree with you the list will continue to grow.