Foundry VTT

Are electronic books made through nexus uploadable to Foundry VTT?

We do not currently have an integration built with Foundry, nor is that something on our short-term roadmap. However, unlocking the content on NEXUS allows for community-driven efforts to create that integration (we’re aware of some folks already starting to do that).

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In Foundry all contend needs to be selfimplemented.

For all Adventure Paths up to but excluding “Outlaws of …” you can use the original .pdf from Paizo (which you get with a purchase in Nexus) and a community mod to implement the module pretty well.

On from “Outlaws of…” you can buy the complete Foundry Module as a deluxe version from Paizo themselves. These are fully converted and partially enhanced with quality upgrades in maps for VTT play.

Last option is selfimplementing but thats way too much work imho.

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