Frequent accidental refresh on PF2e character sheet (mobile)


When using the PF2e character sheet on mobile, there is pull-to-refresh functionality on the page.

Because the character sheet loads slowly (we are using new characters created in the last 2 weeks), every time anyone in my party scrolls up a bit too much, their page refreshes and we have to stop for 15-30 seconds while the sheet refreshes.

I think there’s a case for removing this gesture support entirely from the character sheet, as any updates made while you’re looking at the sheet should be reflected immediately in the UI without needing to refresh - additionally, the built-in browser refresh is there.

Perhaps if the loading times were improved this would become a non-issue, but with the excessive waits, this is a pretty big frustration for us.


Hello and thanks for posting.

We have performance improvements incoming (soon) that should go far towards eliminating this problem. We’ll see how much that helps when it’s live, but if we see that there are still issues, we’ll work to find the right solution.

It’s highly unlikely that will mean removing gesture support due to accessibility needs, and we wouldn’t want to treat symptoms anyway - we’ll get to the root cause and cure it.

Thanks @BadEye ! I understand that accessibility concerns are at the forefront. We’ll keep an eye out on the performance improvements.