[FULL GAME] Daggerheart Asynchronous PbP - Discord/Demiplane Nexus

Name: Adventures In DaggerHeart
System: Daggerheart | Open Beta
Platform: Discord/Demiplane Nexus
No. of Players: 3 to 5
Game Description: We will be playing the Daggerheart Open Beta system. We will have a Session Zero to select or build characters and build the world. The first adventure that we are playing will be the quick start adventure. This will start as a one-shot adventure with the possibility of becoming a regular PbP play. New players are welcome.

How to Join: PM me or reply here to join.

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I’m interested on trying out this system! I do not have a LOT of spare time, but I’m up for it

Here’s the Discord Link: One Use

Sweet, I’d like to try out. I’ve been looking for a PbP Daggerheart for a while now. Don’t have much free time to go for 4 hour long sessions nowadays so a PbP style game are always ones I’m looking for, especially on systems I really want to try out.

Here’s a Discord link.

Rog would be the last one for now. Game should be full once everyone is on Discord.

The URL has expired! Can you send another link?