[FULL GAME] Daggerheart Asynchronous PbP - Discord/Demiplane Nexus

Name: Adventures In DaggerHeart
System: Daggerheart | Open Beta
Platform: Discord/Demiplane Nexus
No. of Players: 3 to 5
Game Description: We will be playing the Daggerheart Open Beta system. We will have a Session Zero to select or build characters and build the world. The first adventure that we are playing will be the quick start adventure. This will start as a one-shot adventure with the possibility of becoming a regular PbP play. New players are welcome.

How to Join: PM me or reply here to join.

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I’m interested on trying out this system! I do not have a LOT of spare time, but I’m up for it

Here’s the Discord Link: One Use

Sweet, I’d like to try out. I’ve been looking for a PbP Daggerheart for a while now. Don’t have much free time to go for 4 hour long sessions nowadays so a PbP style game are always ones I’m looking for, especially on systems I really want to try out.

Here’s a Discord link.

Rog would be the last one for now. Game should be full once everyone is on Discord.

The URL has expired! Can you send another link?

is this still available?

No. We are trying to wrap up after a few people ghosted. I will not be running anything else after the existing players finish the quickstart adventure.

awwwwww i hope everything is okay