Future Features

Is there an open Trello page or something of the sort for users to take a peak at to see what features are currently in the pipeline and which ones are currently being prioritized? If there was something like that it would make following along for the members who are interested a more transparent experience. Maybe there’s a list out there that I haven’t been able to find yet.

Having converted from D&D 5e to PF2E after the OGL debacle meant I also converted from D&D Beyond to Demiplane. Since PF2E is rolling with the ORC license which is meant to support creatives, I’m curious if there’s any intent to build in homebrewing eventually (after the character builder is fine tuned of course). Being able to homebrew in custom Items, subclasses, spells, character classes, etc. would be a phenomenal asset.

Apologies if this is covered in another thread. I looked a bit and didn’t see anything

The best place to see what we have in an “on deck” status is via our Dev Update streams and the summaries of those streams here on the forums.

We are not yet at a phase where publishing the entire long term roadmap is feasible from a logistics standpoint - we’re a small company, and talking about things that could be years away creates at best questions to be answered and long periods of anticipation and at worst disappointment when something doesn’t come when someone sets their own expectation for it. I’ve seen all of that play out first hand in the last ~20 years of working in software development.

That’s not at all to say we aren’t transparent about what we have planned, though, and I’m willing to always answer questions about future features openly and honestly (as of the time I receive the question with the caveat that as circumstances change, our path can and will also change).

Preamble completed, I can confirm that a homebrew system is very much so on the roadmap - it’s one of the “big rocks” we’ll be starting to develop before the end of this year. We’re really excited about working on it very soon (the concept phase is complete and we like what we see).

We’ll share more in the next few months, thanks!