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I’m having a great time using Demiplane, it’s already shaping up to be an invaluable resource for my Pathfinder 2e and Vampire games. But there’s one thing that’s been bugging me over the last few sessions: the “Game Rules” navigation bar.

I’m having trouble figuring out why, in what seems like it should be a selection of quick links to commonly referenced game rules, most of the space is taken by character options instead of, well, commonly referenced games rules.

Naturally, I understand that there’s only so much space to work with, but it seems like a particularly glaring omission that a navigation bar named “Game Rules” features absolutely nothing at all from the section of the book titled “Rules”. I’d suggest sections like Contests/Tests, Hunger, and Advanced Systems rather than some of the character options that are going to be written down on the player’s sheet anyway.


This is an excellent point. To add to this, I find it frustrating that some rules are separated - as they are in the source material - but they could be consolidated here for ease of reference. Specifically I’m referring to Vampire the Masquerade.

In particular what I’m referring to is the related Predator Pools for each Predator Type - if I need to quickly reference the dice pool for a Cleaver or a Scene Queen to hunt, I should be able to find that information in the easily referenced Predator section rather than dig in the rulebook for the section Vampires:Systems of the Blood:Hunting:Predator Pools. It’s already frustrating that the rules are separated like this in the core rule book, but we can remedy that here!

Similarly, Clan Compulsions should be listed in the easily referenced pages for each Clan. Everything else you could need is listed there, but the compulsions are only listed under Vampires:Compulsions:Clan Compulsions - which makes perfect sense for its location in the rulebook, but for a handy digital reference, there’s no reason Clan Compulsions shouldn’t also be detailed in the Clan Page. I’m aware there’s a brief description of each Clan Compulsion on the clan pages, but the actual systems to apply them aren’t found there - although perhaps they should be.

Honestly, I’m so pleased with Demiplane as a resource for our Vampire games that I’m looking forward to running all of our games using these tools. I truly think this could be the definitive resource for playing Vampire the Masquerade.


Hello, and thanks to both of you for the feedback. Much of what you mention is already on our list to address as we move through the Early Access phase, but we will add it all to our review queue and make adjustments based on the most prominent themes we see emerge.

Thanks again!


I’m consistently impressed with how on top of these threads you all are. Keep up the great work!

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