Gamemastery Guide Variant Rules and Character Builder

Hello everyone and Demiplane/Nexus Team,

I would like to know if the options for: Dual Class, Free Archetype and Ancestry Paragon will be avaliable at the launch of the character builder tool.
I would very much like it!!!

Hello @legenderic ! Thanks for the post. We do plan to support variant rules in the character builder. Our objectives are to start with the most frequently used at launch and keep filling others over time.

Are there any other variant rulesets you use on a regular basis?

Do you need to purchase a copy of the gmg to have access to the variant rules in the character builder?

Thank you very much for the quick feedback @peter , in the campaigns I participate, we use in 100% of cases Dual class and Free archetype, I believe that at least these two rules would be important to be implemented as soon as possible!!!

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