Games I want-to/like playing Vs. Games I want-to/like running

The games I want to play are not the same as the games I’m good at running. It’d be nice if I could list in my profile games I’m looking to play in one group, and games I’m willing to run in another group.

Ok, so what’s with listing game types and platforms three times?

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This is for the recruitment thing.

A simple checkbox or similar could allow people to create one list that works for both, so they don’t have to list everything twice if they’re willing to run and play the same things; but then those like me who are only willing, able, or enjoy running certain things, but am willing and generally able to play about anything can have two lists for recruiting me as a player or as a GM.

Or perhaps, instead of having a dropdown menu as it is, have a massive list with checkboxes or switches for “Enjoy Playing” and “Enjoy GMing” or similar, and a quick option for “Both.”

Then, instead of opening up the dropdown menu, picking one, then opening up the dropdown menu and scrolling to pick another, and repeating that over and over, we could flip switches or checkboxes down the list and be able to see it all in one place easily, and only have to scroll through the list once.

Up, never mind. I see it’s almost like that already.

So, why the long list for the profile the way it is?

I’ve seen all three of your suggestion threads here. Thanks for that feedback! As I replied elsewhere, we plan to dig go back and make some quality of life updates to matchmaking and all of its associated parts. When we get to that in the coming months, we’ll be taking all of the feedback we’ve received into consideration. :slight_smile:

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