General notes

First impression is good, there is potential!
The site is very slow, it can take up to 10 seconds for an option to be accepted.
I’m using Firefox browser, and i’m unable to fully scroll down the page and so can’t see all the options for different parts of the page.
For general feats, it shows up to 4 pages of feats, but when i go to a new page, there are the same options on that one than the original, i can only see the feats which begin with the letter F, non of the one’s after that.
I’m not sure if it’s the browser stopping scrolling in some places, or i’m missing something!!

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I will second the inability to scroll all the way down. The bottom of the selection box is below the bottom of the window.

I am on Chome 108.0.5359.99 64, on Windows 11.

Thanks for that info!