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Hello everyone,
I am new around here, I bought the Avatar Legends books since I am a fan of the Avatar series and I’ve been reading it in the page and loving it. It would be great to have a plain pdf local version of the book to have it in my ebook and read it when I am traveling without internet. However, I may be blind because I can’t find any way to get it. Can anybody lend me a hand here?

Hi elsrimor!

For travel, many folks like to download the chapters to their phone to read offline. I do this if I’m ever going to be flying and know that I’ll want to read a book section, since Demiplane is browser only. Some of the functionality like the search feature doesn’t work when you’re offline, but the digital reader still works pretty well!

Here’s a Google support article for how to do this in Chrome. It’s a similar process in most other browsers too:

I suppose the other alternative would be to save the PDF from the Magpie kickstarter to your phone, but I tend to prefer the layout in the NEXUS since it’s easier to scroll through on a mobile device. :slight_smile:

Thank you, the option to have it on the phone offline is very useful.

For the PDF alternative, I bought the bundle of the two books in this page, is it possible to still get the pdf?

If you purchased the physical + digital bundle, you’ll receive an email with a code for Magpie’s store, which includes a PDF.

Keep an eye out for that email if you did. If you only bought the digital books on the NEXUS and didn’t get the physical + digital bundle, you won’t have access to the PDF since it comes with owning the physical book through the Magpie store. I am checking with the Magpie team right now to determine whether you will get that PDF right now or if it wouldn’t happen until the physical book is available.

More info soon! :slight_smile:

Okay, confirmed: Once you put that code into the Magpie store and complete that transaction there (to cover shipping/handling), you’ll be able to download the PDF from them. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for for checking!