Getting Kids into a Group

So this is probably a tiny thing to care about but worth sharing the experience.

I am prepping a new group of 8-10 year olds. These are kids that don’t have their own phones or email accounts yet. They are using Messenger Kids on their parents devices to communicate and organise.

Logically I tried to share the URL to get them to join the group. Messenger Kids blocks URLs… of course it does. That’s actually a good idea.

They don’t have email accounts, so sending them emails means going through the parents which is another challenge.

Just thinking outside the box, but an option to send a join code could be really useful so that they can go to the website themselves, sign up, click a join button, enter the code, and off they go.

Is a teeny tiny issue of course. But might be worth considering.

Also bump for print support :smirk: I’m sending them to Hero Lab Online (which does have code support btw) right now to build their characters just so they can print… :sob:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass it along to the team. :slight_smile: