Ghost Hunter dedication gives spells higher than my level

Like the title says the Ghost Hunter dedication feat gives me access to spells higher than my level would allow. Screenshot is of a second level character with the free archetype rule enabled.

Thanks for reporting this! Could you please share your character here? To do so, click on your character portrait to pop out the sheet settings. Scroll down to the bottom of that sidebar and in the dropdown you can change your share settings to let others view. There’s also a button there to copy the sheet link, which you can share here for us to look further into this.

Here’s the link, also on desktop the dropdown for viewing permissions isn’t selectable I had to switch to mobile to change it.

Thanks for the info. We’ll make sure that gets fixed right away!

Edit: For some reason, that link doesn’t seem to be working for me. Could you refresh and confirm that your share settings are still the same?

Refreshed it and it says anyone with the link can view, kinda hard to see though

Thanks! I just wanted to confirm that before logging a bug with the sharing feature.

Two things: The character sharing issue has a fix in the works. Second, I believe we have rolled out a fix for the spells issue you mentioned. Could you please double check and see if it has resolved for you when you have a moment? :slight_smile: