GM Control Panel for Pathfinder Second Edition

Hi all,
This idea might already be on here in some way, shape or form, but I’d love to see a sort of GM Control Panel for Pathfinder. The biggest feature of this would be to quickly toggle between characters and roll secret checks. This would be even cooler if after you roled the secret check you could immediately open a DM to that player with a hyperlink or something to tell them if something happened.
Other things that could be on this panel could be like a typical GM screen, although hyperlinked like the books so you can expand more informations about items on the GM screen. Maybe at some point you could add widgets to the screen from other sourcebooks to customize your control panel.
I’m sure there are other features that would be great, like a quick rundown of a character’s AC and DCs in case you have to role against them. I think it needs to be customizable to a point because some players might like a more classic feel to more simulate playing it pen and paper style, where the GM might not always have a copy of the player’s sheet, but with the way Pathfinder Second Edition utilizes secret checks I think a solution like this might be an elegant way to optomize that in a digital space.

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Thanks for this suggestion! We definitely have some plans in the works to make tools that will help the GM run a session. No details on what that will look like yet, but know that we have some plans for that already in the works. :slight_smile: