Good one shot intro for players new to Pathfinder 2e

I’ve just run Dinner at Lionlodge as a demo for people who wanted to try PF2e, worked really well and demostrated a lot of the mechanics. It has the combat, traps, persistent damage, afflictions, and spells, so a really good way to run people through the rules.
Things like crafting in down time and character creation/levelling weren’t covered as it’s a one shot with pregens, but the players said they had a decent grounding and are up for a campaign; if you’re after a module to dip your toes in with, get this one!
(I ran it on Roll20, using their pack, the dynamic lighting was a bit flakey but everything else worked fine).


So far the one shots I’ve tried have been pretty good introductory escenarios to the system. I’m yet to try that one but I’m looking forward to it.

I tweaked some of the imps to do a fear scream which inflicts the Frightened condition, fitting the hunter/prey theme. Only one player failed but that was a crit fail and the orlthers had to grab him so he didn’t dive off a ledge to hide. Such fun!

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We had to make a couple of “cheat sheets” for some of our newer players to help with the change in states for issues such as visibility. We simply upload the graphic into a “rules” folder in foundry so people can look it up vice digging in the books have having to read the text in which often as you can see by the description; is spread among various parts of the book.


Fantastic and thanks for sharing!

I can’t see it for looking, does it show where sneaky types can use their sneak attacks?

If there’s some Web/HTML/JS coders that would like a little challenge & help the community, doing something like this for PF2 might be great for everyone.

D&D 5E Quick References
Complete Code Available Here

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Isn’t there something similar in pdf form already?
Edit- found this link

I’m sure I had a Paizo equivalent, possibly part of the GM screen or the free character sheets. I’ll see if I can find it as I’ve printed something very similar out for players in a pen & paper game I ran


I just liked how the page would show an overview and you could click to get detailed pop-up, but thanks for those pages…

Ah, hadn’t realised they were interactive

Took me a while to find that out… I thought it was a simple webpage until I mistakenly clicked on something and pop-ups appeared with more details :slight_smile:

Found the sheet I was thinking of, it’s at the end of the character sheet pack.

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