Got my Marvel Playtest iRL

Just got my playtest material today from Amazon and found this mentioned inside so I thought I’d check it out, though I have a concern since it lists the preorder. Are we going to have to buy it again to use it, or is Demiplane taking the worst part of D&D beyond?

The physical book and digital toolset are different products, and so it would require a separate purchase. We are very proud of the product that we have built, and have found it to be helpful in playtesting the game on our own. :slight_smile:

I see. Well, I really have no use for this if that’s the case, and I’m certainly not paying twice for the same content, wound up using the Homebrew function on D&D Beyond to bypass that anyway. I will be looking into how to close the account here, thank you.

Unlocking content here on the Marvel Multiverse RPG Nexus has a cost associated with it per our license with Marvel, so we won’t be able to change that part.

Understood if you don’t find value in what we’re doing with the Nexus for your group and game at this time, but keep an eye out for updates as the tools evolve and the playtest plays out. It could be a good fit for you in the future.


It is now April 20th. What time does this go live?

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Exactly. Kindle version unlocked hours ago.

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I bought via Demiplane and see nothing yet.

It was live as of an hour and forty five minutes ago…we were told we had to hold off until midnight Pacific.

Looks like Amazon didn’t listen to the memo. :smirk:

It’s out now

So, I never did find out how to close the account, and now I’m being spammed with “Summary” emails. How. Do. I. Close. This. Account. That is the only thing I want to know, I don’t care about anything else

You can submit a ticket to support and they will be able to assist you.

Having just did our first playtest of the Marvel RPG… I would be very cautious how deep you invest at this stage. The rules need a lot of churn before they are ready for prime time.

We found character generation out of the gate untenable; completely unbalanced and overly simplistic.