Gravity Weapon

Got the new Core Player Book and was creating a Ranger with Initiate Warden and wanted to choose Gravity Weapon. But it is not unlocked and i can’t use it without buying another book.
But Initiate Warden and Gravity Weapon is in the new Core and should be usable in the Remastered Character Creation.

Overlooked or why?

Hi there!

Gravity Weapon should be available with Player Core, and I’m not able to reproduce being unable to access it on my end. Could you provide a link to your character?

Thank you! Can you check that this is set your viewing permissions to “Anyone with the link”? You can find this on the character sheet by clicking/tapping on the character image, which opens the settings sidebar, and then scrolling down to the sharing settings in that sidebar.


Try please

And strangely, now it works… did you do something?

I believe your entitlements (the thing behind the scenes that tells the system you own/have access to something) are now synced! If the problem persists, please let me know.