Groups and Characters

Hi all,

Hopefully this is a simple “you can, and this is how” or “nope, not enabled (yet)” question. My gang and I are moving from 5e and I’m starting everyone off with an intro adventure. We all have access to the character builder, and I am a member so will share the books I’ve bought with the party…my question is, I’ve created a group in NEXUS - when folks join the group (2 of the 5 have), how can they bring the character in for that adventure? Is that possible? I’ve looked around and cannot find how…


Hello! Just like you predicted, this is a simple answer: We haven’t built that out yet. Right now, character tools cannot be integrated into groups, but we plan to do that once character tools are ready for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks - definitely looking forward to that feature :wink: