Groups... what and why?

So, I started using Demiplane as the go to character creation tool after swapping my DnD group to a Pathfinder 2E campaign, and been very impressed with the support response when a couple of my characters had odd issues adding options, but I’m kind of stumped with one of the “headline” features…

What’s the point of Groups?

There’s a link right there at the top of my Demiplane web page that sends me to a page that says I can “Create Group”, “Go To Matchmaking”, or “Manage Content Sharing”, “Create Group” or “Find a Group”, but no where does it say what Groups offer.

What’s the point? What functions do they offer? Why would I want to create one? Seems like one of those pages created by someone who knows all about the topic but forgets that newbies don’t know anything about it.

It seems like the default My Groups page could really use some explanatory information and maybe a FAQ link.

Eventually I imagine they will be similar to what DnDBeyond has. A group when you can consolidate all your players. Add characters to the group. Gives you easy access to see all the character sheets associated with that party across multiple accounts.

IIRC, Demiplane started with the idea of more or less just being a match making system for people to find groups to play TTRPG’s with, and use it for voice/video as well. Some time later, they saw the opportunity to more or less pivot into being the “D&D Beyond” for multiple systems. Great idea, IMHO.

So now, groups as it currently exists is kind of legacy as I understand it. There’s a thread I remember reading where they said that they intend to, on some level, rebuild groups to be more along what D&D Beyond has. I don’t think they were very specific on what the intent is, but I’m guessing stuff like characters attached to a campaign, rolling for the group to see, etc.

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blazoraid has hit the nail on the head! Groups predate our NEXUSes, but will definitely be getting a lot of attention in the future to have them work in concert with our other tools.

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