Harrow Deck Companion and Platform Fixes - 3/5/24 Release Notes

Hello Demiplanars!

We had a new release go out earlier this afternoon that was primarily focused on a few platform-level features for future releases. However, there are a few things that we know folks will be excited about, so let’s hop into the details!

The Harrow Deck

Our Harrow Deck companion is live! This started as a side project that a few team members took on, and is now a handy resource for GMs and group notetakers to use.

Currently, there is not a way to share your Harrow Deck readings. You can “add participants” in your reading, which is a way to track which cards you pulled are tied to which party members. We plan to introduce the ability to share readings when we do our Groups revamp, hopefully later this year.

Platform Fixes

This release also squashes a couple of bugs that have been buzzing around recently. Here are two key ones that are resolved as of today:

  • The automatic emails with product codes for hardcover purchases weren’t so automatic - that’s been fixed.
  • Some users encountered an issue where after logging in they received one of several error codes. This bug has been fixed.

We’re hard at work getting ready for the start of the Daggerheart playtest next week, so that’s all for today.

Later Gators!
-The Demiplane Team