Health and Focus fields are cut off on iPad in both landscape and portrait mode

What it says in the title. When viewing a Marvel character sheet on the iPad, the Health and Focus fields are not readable, the text is cut off.

Hey Kaiandarra,

What version of IOS is your iPad running?

We noticed that updating to the current iOS version updated safari/chrome and corrected the issue with older versions of safari/chrome on iOS

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Thanks for the quick reply.
I am on iPad OS 16.7.2, using indeed Chrome.

iOS 17 should fix that, if you are able to update?

If not, please let me know!

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I am able to update. I’ll let you know, if that fixed the issue. Thanks a lot for your assistance.

Happy to report that the upgrade to iOS 17 worked. The issue is gone. Thanks for your assistance.


I can not update my iOS. Is there another solution?

We haven’t found a solution yet - but we’ll see what we can do and share an update once we have one.


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