Homebrew API


I’d love to see a homebrew API where through which we can bring stuff into our Homebrew.


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Thanks for the suggestion! We can’t comment on what will and won’t be included in our homebrew features yet, because we haven’t started building them yet, but knowing what things folks are interested in certainly helps us prioritize things as we plan ahead. :slight_smile:

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Hello joshuamsimons, I’m wondering if the Homebrew API has been proposed to be under development or is in part already ongoing development in 2024? If so, is there a reasonable estimate of the extent homebrew may be supported through Demiplane as a website.

Some things I’d like to ask…

  • Is there intended limits or possible limits to note so far due to site features for making homebrew in the future? For example, large scale content in regards to player options in games and/or collections of related/associated content.
  • Are there hopes to allow homebrew to be able to be made and/or used by free site users and be saved online by those users? It does help to know in case of sudden circumstances of inability to resubscribe for a period of time.
  • Is there a philosophy for what you intend to support in homebrew content wise on Demiplane as a site? Especially in regards to various forms of homebrew which may be more in depth or complex due to being a larger set of contents.
  • Are there any possible concerns so far on website limitations regarding homebrew for Demiplane? Especially on a technical side.

Clarification: These comments are focused on general Demiplane site implementations. As such I assume, there may be variation between individual games and their creators with supporting forms and/or specified kinds of homebrew. (Ex. Classes, spells, and so on.)

Additionally, are there any notable comments in regards to homebrew I haven’t covered, which you may want to mention or discuss? Of which you’re allowed to comment on at least.

Once again, your statements won’t be taken by me as verbatim and shouldn’t by others, but rather as an impression of how the site may function if there aren’t factors that limit its functions and support of the feature.

Thank you for such an awesome site, and I hope to be involved with homebrew on Demiplane provided supported in the future!