Homebrew Traits, Tags, Powers and Powersets

Is there any way to add Custom Traits, Tags, Powers and Powersets to a character.

I’m not hoping for anything spectacular. Just a way to add a Traits called Homebrew Trait with a Description field where we can put the name of the Trait (sort of like the way the Connections trait, the Dependents Tag, works at the moment). Then do the same for Tags, Powers and Power Sets.

Homebrew is something that our team is working on, and once it’s ready, it will allow you to create your own traits, tags, powers, powersets, you name it!

We know how important homebrew is to tabletop gaming, and it’s something we fully intend to support. :slight_smile:


Thank You :slight_smile:

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This has been said since '21, is there a road map or something that can help facilitate proper expectations of when features like this will become available?

The two biggest gaps at the moment are homebrew and printing (or pdf extract of characters which we can then print)

We don’t have a roadmap posted anywhere, as software development is often unpredictable work and our experience is that sharing something like that can often lead to frustrations for everyone involved. We do, however, frequently talk about what is on our short-term roadmap both here in the forums and on our Dev Update streams on Tuesdays at 9am Pacific at Twitch.

Both homebrew and the ability to export your character sheet to PDF are on our short-term roadmap. We don’t have specifics to share, except that we expect to begin development work for homebrew in earnest early next year, and I expect the ability to export to PDF will be something that we tackle in close proximity to homebrew. :slight_smile: