House rule support and/or custom merits/flaws

I have purchased the book bundle for Vampire v5 and i’m loving the character builder. One area I feel limited in is merits/flaws. There are several merits that are missing from the character builder (or at least i am unable to find them) For example “Boot and Rally” the Brujah coterie merit from the players guide. Beacon of the Profane, etc.

I also have a number of house ruled merits and flaws that I want to allow in my game, and I have expanded the retainer merit to be a 1-5 merit. I think it would make sense to allow adding a “custom” merit/background/flaw option that just lets you type whatever in. There could be a little tidbit in the description of this that if the merit/flaw has impact on dice pools or other sheet characteristics that the dice roller and/or character sheet will not reflect these.

I think it might make sense to allow for similar for discipline powers/rituals in the future too – although this is less important to me right this moment. There a fair number of third party books in storytellers vault that suggest other powers / rituals for the disciplines.

Hello and thanks for posting!

Regarding coterie merits like Boot and Rally, since those use the shared coterie pool typically and we don’t have the concept of shared / party level resources yet, we have left those out of the normal advantages list for individual characters. We know that individual characters can also spend dots in those coterie merits outside of the shared pool, so in the meantime until that broader shared support is in place, you can still spend or manually reduce your dots in the Settings menu and then write in the coterie merit(s) in the coterie area of the Concept & Lore section. But, keep an eye out for updates on shared coterie level resources in the future!

Regarding the house rule custom content, that will be possible once we introduce our platform-level hombrew / custom content system. We’re in active development on that now and will share more as soon as we can - it is our current “big rock” focus.

Thanks again!


Excellent. Curious side note, do you have any open source libraries that you maintain that I could contribute to or a way for me to offer my services for assisting with development? I’m a senior staff engineer at ConsenSys, with heavy expertise in JavaScript/React/Node – but also other things. I’d be happy to throw in some contributions here and there for free in exchange for a vote on features :stuck_out_tongue: