How are you using Demiplane at the moment?

For me, I have bought some AP modules for PF II and I activly use them during sessions. As the way Demi parses out the info is much easier to read and scroll up and down than just using the regular PDF’s we get when buying them.

I have also used some of the maps as some have some pretty good Hi res maps, much better than either the AP PDF or the map PDF we get on the Paizo PDF’s one has to screen capture or pull out of the PDF’s

I run all my 8 games on Roll20 and they don’t have the full rulebook and AP’s in their system to date so it can be real handy just using the base free rules from the Primer (Those dang conditions, we always forget!!) LOL

Once we see what the character sheet has to offer then I’ll decide if I will triple buy most of them (IE Paizo, then on Roll20 and maybe Demi) Lots of cash but hey its my main hobby :slight_smile:

So how are you all using Demi in your games, and if your not you can post that as well gang as a wait and see thing :slight_smile:

And this is not a PF II exclusive thing, can be any game on here!! Quite curious to see how others might be using Demi compared to little old me.




At the moment, I’m just supporting Demi. I’ll read the books here and there, however the AP I’m running isn’t available. The rate at which the older APs are getting released I’ll probably finish the AP before it gets released. I don’t use Demi too much in session because the search function is useless. I do use the creature compendium when there’s a monster I’m running.


I’m close to in the same boat, I’m more here to support them for now until the character tool is out, that’s my biggest reason to be here. I have run a few PF2e one shots using it, and found it pretty great, and really love the direction it’s going, but for rules look ups, especially in game, I still roll with AoN. It’s hard to beat the GM Dashboard.


Same boat here.

I bounce between Roll20, Foundry VTT, Pdf’s, AoN, and Demiplane. Each have their own strength and weaknesses depending on what role they play. It is what makes the hobby fun!

Knowing what this team is capable of accomplishing I offer as much support to Demiplane as I can.


In the past I’ve run my group via Skype for vid & voice, Roll20 for maps, and either DDB or Herolab as my encounter builder/initiative tracker.

Having a Halloween sesh on Sunday that will be our first time as a full group using Demiplane for vid & voice. Looking forward to it since I’ve found it far superior to Skype and Roll20’s performance.

Otherwise, I use the Nexus library almost daily to plot and scheme. I bet that I’ll still do in-game look ups on AoN out of habit for a bit.


Thanks gang for the interesting posts so far, I run at the moment (for free)

PF II’s Age of Ashes

PF II’s Strength of 1000’s

PF II’s Blood Lords

PF II’s Agents of Edgewatch

PF II’s Quest for the Frozen Flame

Starfinder Horizons of the Vast x 2 groups

Starfinder Drift Crashers


Damn, that’s a lot to GM… I struggle finding more than my one steady group and occasional Fall of Plaguestone sessions. My area is a PF2e dead zone so it’s just online games as my hope for doing more, haha!


I’m currently the Storyteller for a weekly game of V5 via Discord. Right now, I keep my Chronicle notes open on google docs, and i keep a couple of Demiplane tabs open for quick rules references. The most common uses have been for detailed descriptions of antagonists and disciplines, but I’m also able to look up certain rules and tables in the sourcebooks, so long as the location of that rule isn’t too obscure.

It’s been much quicker and less cumbersome than referencing rules and details using the physical books, and as soon as the Vampire character creation tools are available on Demiplane, I’m considering running a new chronicle here to experiment with the environment and interface. Honestly, Demiplane has been absolutely great for our Vampire chronicle. Absolutely love it.


@Very nice CC!!

@sbc_gm sbc

It is but I work overnites so as its my main hobby I have a blast with it and keeps me out of trouble, LOL

Just picked up a free GM for PF II’s Kingmaker so I’ll be playing that as a player and not GMing for once, thank god!!

Ha Ha



Not using it at all. I tried using it some 3 months ago, got confused, forgot about it, until I got this email about this discussion.

I have been running games via roll20 for almost 8 years, i have foundry, and Fantasy Grounds, never use them, either.

Thanks for sharing. I think you’ll find this has come a long way in three months.

I came to Demiplane exclusively for the Pathfinder Nexus. I’ve bought the PF2E sourcebooks and have received PDF copies through linking my Paizo account.

I am mainly using it for reference alongside Archives of Nethys - although I much prefer the presentation of Rules here. And when the character management system releases, I will most likely use that instead of Hero Lab Online.


Word for word identical here, bud. I used Hero Lab back in the day for 5e and gave it up when they polished up DnDBeyind. I’ve been burnout out in 5e for awhile now and finally got my group to try 2e like a year ago and have been pumped on this project since it was announced!


The preview of the Character Builder looked really nice - I’m looking forward to the closed alpha/beta!


The presentation of the info here - specifically for the Vampire books as that’s what my group plays - is precisely why I’m all in on this site. I can’t emphasize enough how excited I am for the character builder.

With the release of v10 of foundry, they allow links to be clickable in the journals. Ive been starting to provide links to items in my gm binder for reference.

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Interesting that we are now getting a more variety of uses for Demi, nice!!

Just waiting for more maps without the grids on it for Age of Ashes myself

My king game I 3will be a player in will start in a couple weeks, can’t wait for that one, should be a blast!!


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Our group recently made the jump from DnDBeyond/5e and Fantasy Grounds to PF2e and Foundry.

We are still adapting our playstyle to the new tools and books. Currently the players are mixed between using the PDFs with a good editor (more experienced) to newer players using Demiplane for shared resources.

Primarily we lean heavily on Foundry’s tools, the imported rule set; or using the Archives of Nethys.

I want to see Demiplane grow; thus atm I am more simply supporting it’s development as it’s capabilities increase.


Welcome! I’m in the exact same boat but the change is a little harder because we record an actual play podcast and started in DnD 5e. After I finally convinced them to try 2e, I had them all hooked, and we play it off mic in hopes to transition to 2e soon(ish).

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