How can friends create 2e characters?

My friend recently created a campaign, and has shared his content with all of us in the group, but we don’t see any option to create/manage characters sheets in Demiplane (though he does). Is this intentional? I googled around a bit and it sort of seems like you only have the option to build and manage characters if you are a part of the Alpha Tool test – is that correct?

That is correct, people who had their accounts open earlier get an invitation to test the character creator. In the meantime I would suggest using Pathbuilder 2e to create your character sheets.


I agree that Pathbuilder 2e is a great digital tool for teaching the building process at this time.

Once Demiplane moves from Alpha to Beta with their Character Builder definitely jump in and see what they have come up with. They are getting a lot of feedback from community members who have been doing this for a long time and it is exciting to see what they are helping to create.

For those who are wanting to dive deeper I still see long term community leaders recommending to learn the manual way of creating character sheets to fully understand the creation process.

I used them both to self-learn the process. As always pick what works best for you and make sure to just have fun.

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There was an option for those with alpha access to request an invitation for their players but I don’t know when that will be actioned; I’ve requested access for three people but they haven’t received it yet.
(I know it’s still early testing and other users will be ahead of them in the queue.)
Plan B would be a video conf with your players so they can guide you through creating their toons, pain in the arse but an option, especially for secret background stories.

I usually ask my players to send me their copy of the character sheet on pathbuilder to double check that everything is in order and to familiarize myself with their characters before we start.

Additionally, I’m always open to character building questions if anyone wants some guidance or the manual, step-by-step, process.

For what it’s worth. The early access is very much an early access. It’s looking great but it’s not really ready yet so your experience will be much better with Pathbuilder for now.