How do bundles interact?

So quick question - I previously bought rulebook bundle & it said that I’d get 15% off future rulebook purchases - if I were to now buy the ultimate bundle that gives 25% off future purchases, which discount would apply and where? Would it be 15% off rulebooks & 25% off everything else or 25% off all future purchases? And I also noticed that Adventure Path books don’t seem to be covered under the ultimate discount as written - is that correct?

wait, what did you noticed with the adventure path books? I did the math on my calculator really quick and it seems like it does apply, but I am might have missed something.

Just the wording on the ultimate bundle specifically says “standalone adventures” and omits to mention Adventure paths entirely, so I’m not sure how it will work for future bundles, specially as whilst there’s seperate rulebook, lost omens & stand alone bundles that each give 15% off, there’s no similar AP bundle. So I’ve no idea how it’s set up to work for future APs

When I click in more info for the Ultimate bundle it does show the APs on the included content, so I do believe all of them are included. But I also don’t know how it’s set up for future sources. It is a good question.

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Yeah, it shows them & purchased rulebooks to me, too but doesn’t mention it as an ongoing discount, it mentions “future Pathfinder 2nd edition sourcebooks and standalone adventures” so that’s why I’m also confused about rulebooks as they’re not mentioned, either (although I bought the rulebooks bundle that will give 15% off. So it’s all very confusing about what applies where if I buy it).

In the instance where you might have two bundles (ie. the Rulebooks bundle and the Ultimate bundle), you should receive the larger of the two discounts on future purchases. And to clarify, the Ultimate bundle includes everything listed on Pathfinder NEXUS.

If you were to purchase the Ultimate bundle after already having purchased the Rulebooks bundle, you would see a price reduction based on the amount you’ve already spent on the NEXUS, which will be counted off of the total cost of the Ultimate bundle. So if you’ve already spent $300 on the NEXUS, the Ultimate bundle would be discounted by $300 for you, which means you wind up retroactively getting the 25% discount on everything (since we deduct the amount you’ve already spent, and not a percentage of the total cost per title owned).

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


That’s perfect, thanks!