How do I add a +1 Shortsword?

I see +1 Weapon listed, but after I add it, I don’t see any way to edit it to give it the properties of a Shortsword. I also see Weapon Potency, +1, but if I add a Shortsword and the potency rune, I don’t see a way to etch the rune on to the Shortsword.

Is this not possible yet, or am I missing something?

Hello? Is this thing on? Bueller?

Hello, sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been playing catch-up from being away at a convention all weekend and this one slipped through the cracks.

When you click on the short sword in your Equipment list, scroll down in that sidebar and you’ll be able to add a rune there.

No worries, thanks for the reply! I guess I just missed the add potence rune button. It’s now added, and is calculating correctly on the actions tab. Is there any way to rename it to “Shortsword +1”? I can see it’s +1 by looking at the attack bonus, but would be nice to see it more prominently in the name.

Were you at GameholeCon? I was there…8th year for me. Good times!

There is not a way to give items custom names yet. That is likely to come with our first pass at homebrew (which we are starting to work on).

And yes, we were at Gamehole Con! This was my third year there with Demiplane. It’s quickly become one of my favorite conventions!

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