How do I create this super? Advice welcome!

OK, trying to create a character that’s sort of a combo of Moon Knight, Green Lantern, and Superman-ish.

Jimmy Bly the Flyin’ Guy.

Jimmy found a strange artifact on an archeological dig, and when he touched it his was imbued with The Glow. He is now the Champion of Shamash, a prehistoric god of Justice, where Justice has two parts: protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

His powers include the following:

  • Supersonic flight.
  • Projected golden force bolts of great concussive power.
  • a skin-tight force shielding protects his entire body
  • the glow suffuses him, making things like poison or lack of air not an issue, and allowing him to be in any environment without taking harm.
  • telekinesis beam: he can use golden tractor beam to push, pull, or move objects of incredible weight. Using this power he can fly carrying others and stuff.
  • protective golden barriers to protect others or contain an explosion
  • creation beam: he can use to create a short-lived (while beamed) part, say a missing girder to prevent the collapse of a bridge. It disappears when not being actively projected.

Additionally, Shamash often uses greater abilities on Jimmy when Shamash wants to, perhaps teleporting Jimmy when Shamash wants/needs him to be. Shamash is one of the “good guys” but can be as demanding and annoying as Khonshu is to Moon Knight.

In the MMRPG, how do I build this character to be completely as described above?


Do you still need help with this?

Nope, all set, thank you.