How do I see which of my players have joined the current session

I’m probably blind, but I have run two sessions so far. In each case, I had 2-4 players join on Demiplane, but when it came time to end the session, I was prompted to review only 1 players. I confirmed with the other players that they were rather confused on how to join a game (I don’t blame them, but I digress), and only 1 actually joined the game.

I would like to be able to see who actually clicked the join link, so I don’t miss payments. How do I do this?

Are you running the game through Demiplane or through another platform? As in, are you running it through a voice chat on discord or something like that?

For now, I’m running on another platform. I ask them to join the game, and click the link to go to Foundry.

I found the answer to my question during tonight’s session. There is a red and green circle around the player’s icon. Unfortunately I’m colorblind, so that went right by me :slight_smile:

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I am glad that you found the answer.
A little icon besides the colored circle would be a good addition to the platform, then.


That’s a good note to make, thank you.